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Elevated, at Very Gallery

Elevated, at Very Gallery
Opening this Saturday at 6 at VERY GALLERY, Elevated, a group exhibition bringing together works by Candice Smith Corby,
Sheila Gallagher, Isabel Riley, and Douglas Weathersby. Through a combination of painting and sculpture, the artists reflect
on the process of art-making as a personal ritual and way to access spirituality through everyday practices. Found and scrap
materials used throughout the works become poetic meditations that imbue the mundane with new meaning. On a formal level,
a strong verticality gives many of the works a totemic quality. Isabel Riley constructs raw, visceral sculptures that take inspiration
from monumental architecture and incorporate detritus she finds in her daily life.  Together, the works in Elevated do not merely
repurpose objects but rather uplift them to become records and odes to our everyday existence.
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